To all Bondholders,

We are nearly there with completing the arrangements and procedures which have been necessary in obtaining the funds to repay your investment.

The last thing we wished to do was use the Covid – 19 outbreak as an excuse for further delay, but in truth it has naturally prolonged what we believed was a realistic timeframe for repayment when I wrote last.

We completely understand the growing frustrations, but malicious attacks of a small group of investors on social media platforms claiming that Westway Holdings is a scam and that the company are defrauding people out of their investment, really is not helping the situation and escalation could only put new obstacles in the way and delay things further.

I will update you again by the end of this week / early next week to hopefully confirm that we will then be in a position to release funds to you without further delay.

Again, all outstanding interest up until the date of redemption will be calculated and transferred along with the full balance of your investment.

Once again, please accept our sincere apologies for these continued delays and rest assured we are doing all we can to expedite this process in the current climate we find ourselves in.

Thank you for your continued patience.

Kind regards

Joseph Griffin

Welcome to
Westway Holdings

Westway is a bespoke company committed to delivering affordable supported housing and returning existing empty properties back into use as homes across the United Kingdom.

Investing in Supported Housing

At Westway we work to develop funding models that can deliver the required homes and provide management and funding to ensure satisfactory delivery of the programme.

Westway focuses on providing housing for vulnerable groups which are supported by independent and government backed organisations. The management team can call upon a wealth of experience in Property, HMO’s and Banking.

The Westway Strategy

Purchase and Redevelopments

Westway’s strategy is to purchase existing tenanted properties or redevelop sites with full planning. The demand for a diverse mix of residential property for the social and supported housing sector is currently at an all-time high, with a chronic shortage of suitable housing solutions.

Forming Partnerships

Westway works in partnership with a range of Housing Associations, Local Councils and Registered Providers to deliver much needed supported housing programmes to the market.

Robust Returns

Westway sees investment in these sectors, with the current level of demand, as something that adds stability to the company producing robust returns, achieved from a blend of short, medium and long term contracts with the aforementioned groups.

Long Term Portfolio

We aim to build the core of the portfolio for the long term with the board assessing sites at all times, though at times the company may look to sell and reinvest in new opportunities, this will always be key to offer both liquidity and a premium product.

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